by Black Creatives in Japan

Hey y'all! I am Ayana and I am a US born (New York State) citizen living in Osaka, Japan. I came to Japan in 2011 through one of the popular routes, teaching English. I started the Facebook group, “Black Creatives Japan” as a support group for fellow Black Creatives in Japan. Initially, the group was only for people living in Japan but due to the nomadic nature of many here, I opened it up. BCJ is open to black people of the African diaspora who are currently living, have an interest in visiting or living, or have visited or once lived in Japan.

BCJis a support and networking group. It is a community where creatives can ask for help, advice, collaborate with each other, as well as showcase their skills, businesses, creative projects and more.

Why BLACK Creatives? 

Noting the rise of #BlackExcellence and #SupportBlackBusinesses in the US, the UK and some African countries, there seemed to be a lack in the internet world for a central hub for those living in Japan. With that, Black Creatives Japan was born.

Black Creatives Japan is a community that encourages to create, collaborate, and communicate in and out of the Land of the Rising Sun.

This blog is an extension of the Facebook group to showcase our fellow creatives in a more organized, sleek and sexy way.