Blackan Radio's Louis 'Jaja' Boston

For BCJ's next feature, I interviewed Louis Kwame Boston aka Jaja; a long-term expat in Japan and the owner of Black Radio. With two other business under his belt and a humble upbringing, I felt it was a wonderful opportunity to share his story. Ready to get started? You can see some of his works in his office like the one above. At one point, Jaja’s sister had come to Japan for half a year and told him how she could hardly see any Black people around for weeks. She expressed to her brother th

J'Nique Nicole

When it comes to working in Japan as a foreigner, one very popular track is teaching English. J’Nique Nicole, however, came to Japan specifically to sing. J’Nique is a Nashville native with a well-established track record so far. She has gone on tour as a backup vocalist for well-known Japanese artists like Ai, Toshinobu Kubota and Nao Yoshioka. She also wrote and sang the theme song [Weight of the World] for a Square Enix video game called, NieR: Automata, last year. As one of her biggest

Kirk from Jamaipanese.com

Black Creatives Japan was launched for over a year, and has over 500 members. This made it hard for me to choose the first Creative to post about. Due to a very recent collaboration with Kirk Brown, it was only fitting to have him kick off this blog of Creatives. Kirk is the creator and author of the blog, Jamaipanese.com and I had the opportunity to be interviewed in his recent podcast. Kirk has been blogging for over 10 years in Jamaica and has visited Japan once in 2011. Fortunately, I had a


Hey y'all! I am Ayana and I am a US born (New York State) citizen living in Osaka, Japan. I came to Japan in 2011 through one of the popular routes, teaching English. I started the Facebook group, “Black Creatives Japan” as a support group for fellow Black Creatives in Japan. Initially, the group was only for people living in Japan but due to the nomadic nature of many here, I opened it up. BCJ is open to black people of the African diaspora who are currently living, have an interest